Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

India is one of the top 4 users of Internet in the world, next only to China. Digital Marketing is a billion-dollar industry today and it is on its way to be much more than that! Apart from being a career propellant, digital marketing is also your window into the future of business. India is a nation of 1.3 billion people and it is this population that grants the digital marketing its biggest strength. With the mobile phone having become a daily necessity, and Indians logging on to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and what not, businesses are looking forward to riding the digital marketing trend to showcase their products and create a market everywhere. According to an IAMAI survey, India has crossed the mark of 500 million internet users about 2 years back. Every day, the number of internet users is going upwards. This population is aware of the online market and the e-commerce companies are cashing in on it very well. It is time now for the traditional businesses to ride this wave and create for themselves a fascinating business opportunity. It is easy to target a specific group of audience, whether homemakers, college-students, senior citizens or children through digital marketing because it provides you with absolutely customized and personalized methods. Moreover, its low cost and high ROI makes digital marketing a lucrative strategy to adopt for the future.

Online Reputation Management

Someone once said, “Your reputation walks 2 feet ahead of you.” Your online reputation is no different. In fact, whether it is a company, service, product, individual or any other element of business, online reputation can make or break your brand name. And though it is very convenient these days to build your online reputation, to sustain it over a period of time is not easy. Therefore, the modern business strategy says that you need an Online Reputation Manager who takes care of how you or your product/service looks to the world, at least digitally. The online reputation is built with the help of public reactions to your product or service online, your company’s interactions with other internet users and your company’s or brand’s online activity. Thus, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a critical part of your business strategy. It is highly important to maintain a positive brand identity online and as trends suggest, ORM is instrumental in growing your business. You need to devote sufficient time and energy towards monitoring your brand online. An online reputation manager will help you decide what your online reputation should be and then he will also help you assess your current online reputation, followed by suggesting changes to it. That is where Savin Communications comes in. All you have to do is tell us your requirement, and we will take care of everything, minus the headache, of course! Remember, people listen to opinions about strangers and having a good business reputation is imperative for your company or your personality.

Crisis Management

Today’s businesses and business leaders should know a thing or two about crisis management, because a crisis can harm your business or product or service irreparably. Be it a natural disaster, a lawsuit or an internal issue like drowning morale of your workforce, crisis management is a must to know and practice. However, this concept is not applicable only to businesses, but also to individuals active in any sphere of life. In fact, anyone with a reputation to protect, must know crisis management. But crisis management entails much more than your reputation – it may involve or impact your business and its future. Since, it isn’t possible to be equipped all by yourself, to respond to such untoward situations, Savin Communications helps you identify the threat area and plan out a response. Savin Communications effective crisis management techniques involve a multi-pronged approach to the problem. We will help you set up a crisis management plan, well before the crisis hits you! Our team will assess the risks facing your business & the impact it could have on your future. We identify contingencies, create a plan, make everyone aware of the issue within the organization, and revisit the plan with you regularly.