Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing - Savin Communication

Influencer marketing is the new fuel on which the advertising world runs. Statistics show that 70% or more of consumers belonging to the millennial generation buy products after getting influenced by someone on social media. No wonder that more and more brands are looking at influencers to carry their legacy further. Social media has taken a very pleasant turn with the increasing use of the Internet and the growing use of smartphones. This has led to growth in the new breed of internet users, also known as Influencers, who boast of millions of followers online. These followers watch out for each update, every post, each move of their online idol and copy it. By putting out an amazing array of content, including photographs, posts, videos, these Influencers are granting a new space to the businesses around the world where they can showcase their products. Influencer marketing has impacted every conceivable product – from hair oil to shampoo, lingerie to designer-wear, mundane to exclusive! These Influencers integrate the products or services smartly into their content, allowing a seamless marriage of supply with demand, thus changing the nomenclature of the PR Communications!