World Habitat Day!

World Habitat Day!

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, housing or shelter is the foremost basic need of an individual. Maslow considered this physiological need as imperative for optimal functioning of each individual. In a country like India, housing and residential infrastructure is not affordable for all. Due to unequal distribution of resources it is even more difficult for everyone to be able to acquire these basic resources. When we talk about World Habitat Day, we raise awareness regarding the planning of our cities and towns and also bring to attention the basic right to adequate shelter for all.

With people forced and advised to stay home due to the prevailing pandemic, we realised that a home is a lot more than just a roof above our heads. It is our comfort zone, our learning centre and has also become our work station in this pandemic. While some had the option of home, some were forced to travel on foot to reach theirs due to Government imposed travel restrictions. This has highlighted the fact that having a home, as of now has become an issue of life and death. Bringing to attention the structural inequalities, this pandemic has shown how indigenous minorities, migrant workers have been critically affected by the current situation. Even with the government trying to tackle the plight of these workers, things haven’t been able to smooth out. 


The importance of this day especially for our country is to be able to house each citizen in our boundary and  decrease the disparities that prevent each person from the basic right to shelter. In India,  50people die everyday due to lack of adequate housing, food and unclean water with over 93 million people residing in urban slums. So, this World Habitat Day, let us take a step towards better planning to be able to make housing affordable for all. 


World Habitat Day has been designated by the UN on the first Monday of October every year. This year’s theme is - ‘Housing for All: A Better Urban Future’ to encourage effective planning to bridge the gap between needs and resources for a better future for every individual. Savin Communication, an end to end digital PR marketplace is on a mission to help micro and macro influencers find suitable opportunities and share their stories on their exclusive platform ‘We the Influencers’ , aimed at creating a large network of influencers and helping them grow themselves along with facilitating the brands to connect with the right person for effective communication and promotion.

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