Tiny Little Eyes With A Heart Full Of Courage...

Tiny Little Eyes With A Heart Full Of Courage...

One thing that I have learnt from animals is their perpetual pursuit of life. I encountered one such stray on the street crying in pain, bleeding profusely. A two and a half-month-old pup who was run over by a speeding car. Watching all this, I became numb and my mind immediately propelled me to rescue the pup. 


I found Leo lying on the street, who was not able to stand because his hind legs were fractured. I picked him up, brought him home. I was happy to learn that my parents supported me with his treatment. We immediately took him to the vet who examined him and found out that LEO had to undergo an operation where they will insert rods inside his legs. Not only this, but the doctor also informed us about a Hernia inside his stomach which further scared us. The next was the day he was going to be operated. I kept tossing in the bed all night praying for the success of his operation. Subconsciously, cursing the person who ran his car over Leo feeling ashamed to be a human. 

The next morning we took him to the vet for the operation. After the operation was successful, we took a sigh of relief. I was glad to see the brave twinkling eyes of Leo, filled with a will to live. Post the operation, after taking him home, there was a series of sleepless nights when Leo would lie on my lap and cry because of the unbearable pain. But slowly and gradually he started recovering. We were more than happy to see him play around the house. 


But the dark clouds were still not over us! A few days later, he stopped eating and we again had to rush to the hospital to get him treated. He got operated on and was kept in the clinic for a few days and we finally brought him home. 

One thing that has changed my outlook towards life is that I have grown more immune to obstacles and they no longer pull down my zeal towards life. The two and a half-month-old pup has taught that nothing can break you if you have the determination to never give up. 


With this, I also feel that we as individuals always run behind purchasing dogs of expensive breeds but the satisfaction that you get after adopting a stray is unmatched. There is no bigger happiness than rescuing a hapless living being. People spend crazy amounts of money to buy foreign breeds but turn a blind eye towards these local dogs in need. 

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