Staying Ahead on Communication Trends in Times of the Corona

Staying Ahead on Communication Trends in Times of the Corona

Staying Ahead on Communication Trends in Times of the Corona

It is now safe to say that post Corona pandemic, most of the things around us will never be the same. The lasting impacts of this pandemic can easily be witnessed especially in the terms of shopping, dining outside, and commuting to the workplaces. As we accommodate these lifestyle changes, businesses and brands are re-strategizing the way they communicate to this new normal.  

The big task for the communication managers is to grab attention of individuals even while the competition stiffens with the marketplace almost going virtual. It is essential to make a note of the focused platforms on which the audience interacts and utilize their potential. Here is a list of trending platforms that have replaced traditional ways in the present times.

Unbound growth of Digital Media

Digital media has been a very important tool to keep the world sane amid the pandemic restrictions. Now that everyone is working and studying from home, digital media has proven to be of great assistance. It has served as a multi-purpose platform to cater to the news, entertainment and social requirements, keeping everyone connected to their near and dear ones during the lock-down. 

OTT Platforms  replacing the usual entertainment-

With India witnessing stringent restrictions due to Coronavirus, theatres and cinema halls have been shut for over six  months now. As a result OTT platforms have become extremely popular among the young and the old alike. The OTT platforms have very conveniently replaced the same old Indian soap operas to fast paced engaging stories. Several films due for release on the big-screens were premiered on these platforms amidst the lock-down. With the roaring demand for entertainment, the OTT platforms were on a roll to meet the demands of the audience. Everyone is now totally glued to their phones and laptops, breaking the ceiling in the binge watching trend. 

Social Media becoming a source of news- 

Today Social Media is such a big part of our lives that it would have been impossible to imagine surviving the lockdown without them! With an impeccable capacity to reach the global audience to influence, inform and even educate, social media has become a go-to platform for all the information requirements. Whether it's news, entertainment, lifestyle, and self-help, everything is available in the form of interactive contents created by hundreds of content creators, whom one can connect through ‘We the Influencers’, an influencer exclusive platform, launched by Savin communication. The popularity of social media has been unbeatable ever since its emergence, but its importance has grown twice in the current times.


Satellite TV will stay for a while

The idiot box revolutionized communication when it was first introduced. Since then, the technological advancements have skyrocketed to an unimaginable capacity. While some were hooked to OTT platforms, TV became a savior for others. Keeping everyone updated at all times, the television facilitated the flow of information seamlessly in the times of corona. Even after the pandemic, television will dominate a major portion of communication as it is a convenient medium accessible to masses.

It’s hard to determine the massive changes that would take place in terms of communication and media. But the way different technologies have been hybridized to provide a personal touch, multitude of  the mind-blowing collaborations are yet to be witnessed. With the unparalleled advancements taking place, the media and communications there are unimaginable surprises to look forward to. 


Savin Communication, an information leader, is enabling the influencers to connect with the audience more forcefully. Savin Communication is at the forefront of establishing brands and identities, national and international. 

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