New Trends in PR in Digital World

New Trends in PR in Digital World

Digital PR has turned the media ecosystem upside down, especially in the past 9 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The advertising world is going increasingly digital in every aspect but more so in the case of content. The year 2020 would remain the year that made digital PR the ‘hero’. However, it is now time to look forward and decide what turn this world would take next. The digital advertisement revenue of India is expected to cross Rs 550 billion mark by 2024. One thing we would want to highlight is that the coming year is going to be really interesting and this is why -  

  1.   Elusive Brand Loyalty – It is going to be far tougher for brands to built loyalty in the market. With so many choices available out there, consumers are more influenced today than they ever were. The vast sea of online media is cluttered with e-commerce channels, social media influencers, and targeted platforms, making the consumer ‘King’ and putting businesses in a fix. Digital marketers will have to keep thinking on their toes in order to find out the best possible way to build the brand image and keep the consumer hooked.
  2.   Integrated Digital Marketing – The consumer will remain elusive and it will take everything on part of the business as well as the communicators to pull him back into the fold. Digital medium is the first choice to cater to the consumer. This includes a wholesome media strategy, including technology, creativity, data & insights. This multi-pronged approach is going to be the cornerstone of digital marketing in the future.
  3.   Centralized Database – Database is the new currency to hold on to! Apart from just creating marketing strategies, digital communication agencies will have to create centralized business data that includes their skills, know-how, collaborations, etc. The smart way to go digital is to keep a central record that would bolster your quality creative execution and keep you up to date about where you come from and where you are going.
  4.   Get Serious About Social Media – Along with digital media, social media is also going to be the new pivot on which the industry is taking a turn right now. Consumer habits are changing rapidly and social media is the new opium for them. Whether it is e-commerce, influencers, or marketing, social media is guiding all strategies in a robust manner. Businesses that are adapting to social media along with digital communication are a step ahead of the competition, no doubt!
  5.   Go For The Moon – Digital medium is a serious driver for business but at the same time voice search, data science, social media means the client is going to ask for the moon from the digital communicators. The brands have woken up to the power of digital marketing in the past year and business owners realize that they can ask for more from the agencies. This behavior trend is believed to drive, not just the industries, but also creativity in different ways.

Digital marketing is the way to go in 2021. If you are a business owner, you need to be armed with these trends so that you can stay ahead of the competition!

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