Coca Cola: The Beverage of Good Times in Every Home

Coca Cola: The Beverage of Good Times in Every Home

The urge for a cold drink to refresh the body and mind automatically takes one to Coca-cola. One may wonder, why is it so? What makes Coca Cola stand out? How is it that Coca Cola for ages has been the most vibrant brand? And how the idea was born? The iconic journey still startles many.

The beverage company was established in 1886. So, the brand has been built through a journey of more than one and a half-century of meticulous planning and serving the taste of the consumers. The king of the beverage industry for many since their childhood has been everywhere and anywhere. Be it birthday parties, social gatherings, weddings, and professional meets, it’s ensured that Coca Cola is stocked in plenty to chill the guests and help them relax and enjoy the good times.

The iconic taste of Coca Cola has an enthralling past.

Now that the readers may be edging up to know the secrets, let it be known that the secret ingredient of the cold drink was supposed to be a medicine. Shocking right! But it is the reality.

The invention is credited to John Stith Pemberton, who was a Pharmacist from Columbus. It was at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Georgia where the cold drink was first served to customers. The traditional ingredients of the toothsome drink were coca leaves, and the kola nuts (source of caffeine). The initial price of the drink was five cents per class . John claimed that his medicinal beverage “Coca- Cola” is proficient enough to cure diseases such as indigestion, headaches, nerve disorders, morphine addiction, and even impotence!

Another twist in the story was that John passed on the responsibility of naming and creating the logo of the product to his bookkeeper Frank Robinson. He told him to treat the product as his own and sell it the way he wished.

The branding strategy of Coca-cola always focussed on connecting with the idea of joy and bond. The marketing campaigns worked on the theme that the coke can make people happy. The first-ever brand designed by the company was a “delicious and refreshing drink.” The advertisement featured smiling characters, holding the bottles of Coca Cola.

One of the most successful campaigns of the brand was the “Share a Coke”, or “Open happiness” campaigns. They took care to focus on creating a sense of belongingness for their customers. The advertising strategies have always enhanced Coca Cola in the market. Even after having big and powerful competitors in the market, it always managed to stay on the top.

The brand focuses on consistency and adaptability while striving to be open to changes. Aware of the power of the brand, Coca Cola remains at the top of the chart.

The rise of Coca-cola is based on an emotional foundation. It has always come up with iconic and innovative ideas. Its USP is not being a fizzy drink, but providing a drink that one can enjoy with family members in the comforts of drawing rooms, drink with friends on a sunny day, and have a lot of gossip around it.

Coca-cola makes its lovers nostalgic, flashing all the memories with just one sip!

The beverage is not just a drink; it’s an emotion!

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