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Founded in the year 2017, Savin Communication is an end-to-end digital PR agency, which helps its clients communicate better with their audiences. We are headquartered in NOIDA, in the heart of the business district of Delhi/NCR. Our expertise includes media planning & buying, digital advertising, Public Relations consultation, Social Media Management, and AV content development. We use a vast array of social media tools and content generation techniques to create brands out of our clients. The digital environment is changing with lightning speed and businesses or individuals who want to keep up with it need an extra dose of help, in the form of our exclusive, tailor-made PR strategies. Our network of professionals, helmed by able mentors, ensures that our clientele, which includes entertainers, social media influencers, business heads, corporate houses, sportspersons, etc. Digital PR & Communication results in enhanced productivity, employment and service. Companies that have an increased access to digital communication plans perform better in the long run. Present business environment is fraught with unprecedented challenges vis-à-vis performance and results. In this scenario, every individual and business needs someone to hand-hold and show the way further. Savin Communication plays the role of that guide, friend and assistant who can show you the right path amidst the digital Communication maze. Come to us if you also want to create a stellar online presence for yourself or your business!

Who We Are?

An end to end digital PR Agency writing the new normal for companies and individuals via guaranteed editorial coverage. We are your in-house storytellers, who are trained to strategize and narrate your brand stories and ideas by translating your vision into an effective corporate plan.

Strong Network of Associates

Ever since its inception, Savin Communication has built a strong network of associates in India and abroad. Today, they are working with more than 10 PR agencies and 50 associates. The challenge, however, remains giving their clients access to good, readable content. All they want is to “show the world what we have done and what we are planning to do with the future of PR.” The company also has exclusive tie-ups with leading news organizations, which helps it get the work done in a time-bound and efficient manner.

What We Do?

  • We build strong brands and relationships, with a holistic approach.
  • Our creativity is deeply rooted in powerful digital strategies, bridging the need-gap between you and your audience.
  • We create content that helps you generate unique messages, specifically targeted towards your audience.
  • We strengthen your role as a corporate citizen, influencing public discussions.

Secret Behind Our Confidence?

  • A team of trained PR Professionals, brand strategists and developers with a collective experience of 40 years
  • Relationship with premium, national and international media publications
  • Associated with more than 10 PR companies and 50 associates
  • Guaranteed coverage
  • Quick turn around time

Achieved more than 2000 coverages while serving 500+ clients on board and still growing

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Savin Thinktank

Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth
Saurav Chaudhary

Saurav Chaudhary

CEO & Founder

Our dynamic young Founder & CEO is the force behind the concept of PR that makes up for the soul of our company. The brain behind Savin Communication is an experienced Public. Relations consultant with acumen for devising excellent PR strategies, creative writing, PR Communication and media management.

Animesh Kumar

Animesh Kumar

COO & Co-Founder

Animesh Kumar, our COO/Co-founder, joined Savin Communication in 2019. A B.Tech in Computer Science, Animesh brought about a digital breakthrough to revolutionize the concept of PR marketing, creating new-age projects a reality for the clients.

Saurav Chaudhary

Avinash Jha

Business Development Head

Avinash Jha, our Business Development Head, is the man behind bringing our big-ticket clients onboard and making sure that their expectations are met on time. He is an experienced hand in Digital PR & Social Media Management. His expertise in the PR and IT industries puts him in the driving position as far as business development at Savin Communication is concerned.

Animesh Kumar

Aradhana Srivastava

PR Account Head

Aradhana Srivastava is heading the PR Accounts, Brand Strategy & Execution. She is a significant cog in our company’s end-to-end client servicing. After having worked across the sectors like cyber security, tech startups, venture capital firms, etc, Aradhana is constantly striving to create smooth relationship between the client’s brand and the media.


Priya Barak

Content Creator

Priya Barak, our Content Creator, has immense experience in the field of journalism. Her passion for Media and PR has brought her to the place and is creating more and more stories for the millennial. And she is looking forward to learning and experiencing more.


Pulak Srivastava

Graphic Design Artist

Pulak Srivastava, our Graphic Design Artist and Video Editor is the man behind all the creative work done in Savin Communications. Destiny and his interest for creativity brought a B-tech student in a PR Company and he is excelling in this field too.